Grace Notes

A playlist for spiritual practice

Listen to clips from a variety of musical genres to use with these practice suggestions:

Hearing God's Call
"The Call” from God’s Tatoos, by William Lee Ellis

Learning From Other Religions
"Lokah Samasta” by Miten with Deva Premal
from Soul  In Wonder

Family Differences
"In My Mother’s House” by Kate Campbell
from Sing Me Out

Finding the Sacred
“I’m Stranded On The Banks of Ole Jordan” by the Angola Quartet from Angola Prison Spirituals

Being Aware of God's Presence
“With You By My Side” by Justin Graves
from Heart Open Wide

Dealing with Loss
“Catherine” by The Krayolas
from La Conquistadora

Spreading God's Word
“Oh What A Morning” by The Rev. Pearly Brown from You’re Gonna Need That Pure Religion

Searching for Grace
"Amazing Grace" from Revival Tonight! by the San Antonio Vocal Arts Ensemble.

Experiencing Joy
"Wedding Dance" from Steal Away by William Gokelman.

Reconnecting with God
"Chant: Hidden Things" from J. Philip Newell's   Sounds of the Eternal

Sharing Peace
"Peace Greetings" from Scriptures by Covita

"I'm Sorry: Step 9" from Twelve: Healing Songs for Recovery by David Kauffman.