The Enneagram

Counting on the Enneagram
A  self-understanding scheme with a numerical rubric was just the thing for writer Jill Piper. What she also deciphered were ways the Enneagram  added depth and dimension to her spiritual life.

An Enneagram Workshop by Sandra Smith: Descriptions, Practices and Prayers to Help You Move Beyond Type into Wholeness

Spirituality and Personality
A few basic concepts for understanding the Enneagram

The Head Center
Enneagram Types Five, Six, and Seven: Thinking types who respond logically and systematically to situations and like to have a plan for what is to come.  

The Heart Center
The Enneagram types in the “heart center” know through mood, tone and feeling. Rather than feeling emotions directly, they tend to derive their feelings from the responses and reactions of others. 

The Body Center
Those types whose first way of knowing is through a kinesthetic sense, physical sensation and instinct are types Eight, Nine, and One.