Reconnecting with God

Commentary by Ben Bowen King

"Chant: Hidden Things"
by J. Philip Newell
from Sounds of the Eternal

It happens all the time. You get busy and life happens. Then one day you realize that you no longer feel as connected to God as you have at other times of your life.

J. Philip Newell, a noted theologian, retreat leader and writer, travels the English-speaking world helping people reconnect with the Holy. He brings a message that says contemporary Christians can find insights and solace in the spiritual practices of “ancient believers” such as the Celts and Old Testament Jews. 

On this distinctive album, Sounds of the Eternal, Newell collaborates with several musicians to present prayers set to music. Newell and the musicians turn to the ancient “chant” form in order to reconnect with “the yearnings of the heart.” This chant comes from Isaiah 48:6, “I will show you hidden things, hidden things you have not known.” 

Take a minute, close your eyes, click on the sound clip and chant along. As you repeat the words, you may begin to rediscover your connection with God. Reflect on how God is constantly revealing  God's self to you in ways you would never have guessed.


For more information about Sounds of the Eternal, visit J. Philip Newell's web site.