Faces of Faith

Faces of Faith

Holy Lives

HOLY LIVES: Practicing Spirituality with Modern-day Sages
In every age there are those whose commitment to the spiritual life brings transformation not only to themselves but to all those who are influenced by their witness.

My Faith

MY FAITH: Speaking of Spirituality with Teachers, Leaders and Mentors from a Variety of Faith Traditions
A variety of conversations—with writers, scholars, artists, musicians, teachers, scientists and students—offered here as a kaleidoscope of faith.

Saints, Prophets and Spiritual Guides

SAINTS, PROPHETS AND SPIRITUAL GUIDES: Stories of our Mentors from the Ancient Past and Contemporary World
Learning from those who point the way

Visited by Angels

God's Messengers
God's messengers come in all shapes and sizes. Here we offer a collection of reflections on angels: Who they are, why they visit, and how they make their presence known.