Sharing God's Peace

Commentary by Ben Bowen King

"Peace Greetings"
 by Covita
from Scriptures

Unfortunately people have always used religion as a way to separate themselves from others.  Because we focus on how we are “different” from others in terms of spiritual paths, we lose sight of the major truth—God loves every one of us and wants us to be at peace.  

That truth is the basis of “Peace Greetings,” the opening cut on Covita’s Scriptures album.  The song’s lyrics revolve around the words for “peace” as found in the Hebrew, Arabic and Aramaic languages.  Covita surrounds her lyrics with percolating-world rhythms and Middle Eastern instruments.

Listen to the tune (yes, it’s acceptable to dance) and think about why we separate ourselves from others. Why do we do segregate one another along religious lines? Along cultural lines? Along national lines? 

Reflect on the lyrics in “Peace Greetings” from the Beatitudes.  They’re sung in Aramaic, Jesus’ native tongue: “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God.”


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