Searching for Grace

Commentary by Ben Bowen King

"Amazing Grace"
by the San Antonio Vocal Arts Ensemble
 Revival Tonight!

“Amazing Grace” is essentially the “theme song” for celebrating “grace”—the transformational gift that God gives us out of love.

On this cut, Tanya Moczgemba, a soloist with SAVAE, re-creates the emotions connected to the music she performed as the daughter of traveling Baptist preachers in East Texas and Southwestern Louisiana.

Close your eyes and put aside preconceptions about theology.  Think of a hot, humid night in the Deep South and a revival tent full of people fervently praying for God’s “healing grace.” 

When have you prayed for grace? Think about the times God’s grace has been evident in your life. When we’re really lost in prayer, the balmy feel of a Southern night might remind us of God’s warm embrace. 

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