Faith and Life

Healing Words
During the month of October, when we're all asked to become more aware of breast cancer, we offer an entry each week from  Healing Words for the Body, Mind and Spirit by Caren Goldman—a collection of 101 reflections on words that point us toward wholeness, well-being and life. 

All Shall Be Well
A CREDO resource for focusing on Christian identity, discernment, practice and transformation

An Altar in the World
Barbara Brown Taylor’s new book promises to  show us how to encounter the sacred in our everyday lives. Taylor writes so that you, too, can feel God in your hands and feet, in the resounding of your eardrums, in the taste of a tomato.

Leaving Church A Memoir of Faith
Jon M. Sweeney reviews Barbara Brown Taylor's book about her decision to leave the clergy

Broken Body, Healing Spirit
Lectio Divina and Living with Illness, an excerpt from Broken Body, Healing Spirit by Mary Earle

Practicing Resurrection by Nora Gallagher
When I think about the resurrection now, I don't only think about what happened to Jesus. I think about what happened to his disciples.

Still Here by Ram Dass
Still Here is intended to give comfort and direction to people entering their later years of life.