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Grieving the Loss of a Pet
by Anne Robertson

Talking When Times Are Tough
by Bob Hansel

Men at Midlife
Male Spirituality and the Second Half of Life
By Mark W. Muesse

Is God Present in Illness?
By Mary C. Earle, author of Broken Body, Healing Spirit

A Time of Joy and Pain:
Dealing with Sorrow in the Holiday Season
by Anne Robertson

The Lifelines below were written by the pastoral counselors of the Samaritan Counseling
of the Mid-South.

Dealing with Fear
by Rod Spencer

Hurry Up and Wait
Letting go of the need for fast solutions

Hearing the Voices and Experiences of Others
Learning from different perspectives while still following your own compass

Making Decisions
Facing the questions that determine our choices

Dealing with Disappointment
Tools for surviving the downside of life

Midlife Questions
In midlife we question our purpose--the meaning of life; the fairness of life

Breaking Free
Knowing when the time is right to leave the Safety Net

Helping the Hurt in Others
Caring about those around you, without making their problem your own

The Deaths We Grieve
One of life's chapters, but not the whole story

The Importance of Values and Morals
Have we lost the ability to determine right from wrong; do we even care?

Taking Care of Yourself While Taking Care of Others
Working through the process of guilt, forgiveness and reconciliation

To Whom Can We Turn?

We all have times in life when we need a sympathetic ear. The key is to know when and where we can go for help.

Feeling as if You Don't Belong
When you're lonely in a crowded world.

Looking Back/ Looking Forward
Letting go of the past, while still using its lessons to help you grow

Striking a Balance for the Holidays
Tools for reducing the stress and celebrating the holy

Tools for Nurturing Relationships
The basics of getting along.

The Positives and Negatives of Guilt
Feeling guilty can actually be a good thing.

What Gives Your Life Meaning?
The anxiety and chaos that disturb our lives can come from confusion over what really matters.

Bound by Brokenness
It is often our own wounds that enable us to help heal others.

Coping with Change
God is the only constant in our ever-changing lives.

When You're Sad and Lonely...
Healing yourself through the support of others.

Managing the Impossible: Balancing Work and Family
Our spiritual traditions offer us priceless tools for maintaining our equilibrium.

Why it's important to look inside.

On the Keeping of Promises
Our commitments to one another grow and change along with us.

New Year's Resolutions: BAH! HUMBUG!
For the New Year, try making goals that have possibilities for true meaning.

A Community Centered Life
Re-examining our ideas of community can help us become more spiritually aware and put our beliefs and values into action.

Perhaps as we wait and wade through these times of uncertainty, we will recognize God in our daily lives.

Love in Action:
Relationships as an Expression of Faith

By treating others with respect and kindness in day-to-day encounters, we both improve our relationships and put our faith into practice.

Slowing Down
Summertime provides us with a much-needed opportunity to stop and reflect on the wonder of life and our surrounding world.

Stop: Discerning the Difference Between
Transformation and Change

We can count on change in our lives. Transformation can come if we use change as an impetus for spiritual development.

Adolescence as a Season for Growth
Nurturing adolescence calls for a sensitivity that allows for growing independence while also offering security and guidance.

"Life is the Great Adventure."
Our lives are characterized by constant change. Yet growth must accompany change for us to truly benefit.

Dismounting Dead Horses: A Metaphor for Change
Oftentimes we'll hold on to situations, relationships, and beliefs long after they've lost their meaning. The hard part is letting go.

Listening to your life: The starting place for spiritual growth
After the holiday festivities, life can seem gray and ordinary. Stress and emptiness can take the place of hope and joy. Yet by listening to yourself and discerning what is most important, you can make this a time of growth and meaning.

How to keep the holidays from bringing you down.
Advent means coming into being, the birth of something new. For Christians, this is when we prepare ourselves for the coming of One from God. Here are some ways to keep the true spirit of love and joyful anticipation in the season of Advent and Christmas.

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