Songs in Waiting

Spiritual Reflections on Christ's Birth

A Celebration of Middle Eastern Canticles

by Paul-Gordon Chandler

The Seeing Shepherds
Thoughts from artist Daniel Bonnell on the angels' glorious announcement to the Judean shepherds 

Seeing with the Eyes of Angels
The Gloria has long been a hymn of praise in Christian worship.  This angelic utterance has become one of the most sacred texts of Christian liturgy.

The Goodness of God
Jesus embodied a divine affirmation: an affirmation that God embraces us all. The core message of Christmas, of Christ’s birth, what we call the Incarnation, is that God is all about being for us.

Salaam for All
The heart of God, demonstrated in the giving of Christ, is that we all experience God’s peace, what is called in Hebrew shalom and in Arabic salaam.