Transforming Doubt

The heart has difficulty believing in what is impossible. Miracles, though sought, are scoffed at when they actually occur, because our heart is fearful and our eyes are so shortsighted. Imagine if we lengthened the vision of our eyes, brightened the room of our faith, and injected courage into our heart. We might find the shackles of smallness dropping from us, our souls stretching, and our necks craning to the sunlit sky, looking with expectation for the next miracle to unfold. Let these questions help you move toward courage and new sight.

  1. What things do I believe in that I cannot see?

  2. When have I felt the undeniable presence of God?

  3. When am I most likely to question the presence and love of God?

  4. Who have been the people of faith in my life?

  5. If God and I were alone together in a room, what would I most want to ask?

  6. When doubt eats at the edges of my soul, what is my response?

  7. If a friend of mine was going through a time of doubt, what would I say to them?