Daily Devotions

- Forgiveness

Embracing Forgiveness

Handshake against blue skyIt’s the "up" side of sin. When we take a scan of our own thoughts and behavior and know that we have been forgiven, we find it harder to judge someone else's thoughts and behavior. Forgiveness softens our heart. Love flows more freely when we've been forgiven. When we are still dwelling in a house of dark corners, we want to turn our eyes away. We often turn them on someone else's dark corners. Somehow if we make much of their sins and failures, we will not have to stare at our own. Rather than looking away from the dark corners of our own house, we might find our hearts able to expand with love and forgiveness for ourselves and others if we just sit very still and notice the unconditional love of God swirling around us. Let these questions help you plumb the depths of what keeps you from forgiving yourself and others.

  1. Whom do I most need to forgive and why have I not forgiven them?

  2. If I was alone with the Holy One, what would the Holy One tell me about forgiveness?

  3. When I have withheld forgiveness, how has my soul been affected?

  4. When have I felt so forgiven that I felt my life had been given back to me?

  5. What does my unwillingness to forgive and forget say about my faith?

  6. How has God forgiven me and what freedom have I experienced as a result?

  7. What can I do to be part of the reconciliation of the world?