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Welcome to Stepping Stones for Spiritual Growth: explorefaith.org's special section of rich and enriching offerings to help you on your spiritual journey. The material in Stepping Stones covers a wide range of subjects from diverse perspectives and a variety of sources. Stepping Stones essays look at issues from a spiritual and theological perspective, gleaning insights about our connection to God and our relationships with others. Each of the Stepping Stones is intended to be used as a tool for spiritual development. Some may be better suited to you than others. We only hope that they may provide another path in your journey in faith.

Homework Help from St. Benedict

Jill Piper

Beyond All Borders
Jesus' Radical New Map of Our World
by Lowell Grisham

Come, Holy Spirit
From the film Chocolat to the spirit of God
by Bonnie Malone

Stunted by Sameness
by Lowell Grisham

The Light on the Water
A quiet Easter epiphany
by Molly Wolf

Confronting Lions
By Lowell Grisham

Grief: After Katrina, Let the Tears Come
by Molly Wolf

Good Enough
We all push for perfection, but that is not what God is asking of anyone.
by the Rev. Margaret Jones

Creativity as a Spiritual Practice: An Overview
by Sarah Stockton

Finding God in the Eyes of a Child
by Mary Earle

Life After Frances
: Post-Hurricane Reflections from a Weary Floridian
by Marcia Ford

Moments of Forever
by James Ian Walter
excerpted from his book Moments of Forever

A Hunger for God
Letting go of our all-too-human compulsion to control the way
we are spiritually fed
by Linda Douty

The Eyes of a Child
To experience the mysterious realities of life, try fostering a childlike attitude of alert openness
by the Rev. Lowell Grisham

Listening for God
The still, small voice that speaks in the quiet
by Linda Douty

From Barbara Crafton

The Stuff of Dreams
Look to your dreams to find your heart of hearts

The Whys of a Child
We can learn a lot from the children around us and those we once were

The People's Temple
Cherish the gift of an unfettered mind

A Rule of Life
The freedom that come with practice

The Lord's Picnic
Creating a time apart without going away

God Is Not Only in the Easy Places
Though there may be disagreement, there can also be love.

The Butterfly Dance
Earthbound beauty

Don't Know, Must Choose
The Bible is full of people setting out into the unknown....

Hearts and Minds to Follow Where Law Has Led
I was hoping you'd write more about what happened at General convention...

What We Really Need

It turns out that all the hardware we struggle to obtain and maintain isn't what is needful, that what we really need is within us, and has been all the time. ...

Cutting Deep
You need to allow time for things to go awry. But it is in the nature of things going awry that you don't know just when they will do so....

Everybody Can Be Great
I have a tee shirt that says, "Everybody can be great, because everybody can serve."...

Thoughts on Peace and Mindfulness
Peace Walk 2002 featuring Thich Nhat Hanh

Introduction and Photo Essay

Walking with Peace and Presence

by Thich Nhat Hanh

Mindfulness of Ourselves, Mindfulness of Others
by Thich Nhat Hanh

Why Be Silent?
Hearing God's Voice in the Quiet
by the Rev. Margaret Jones

Simply Satisfied
A series of articles on developing a life of simplicity
by Renée Miller
Installment 1: Slipping into Simplicity
Installment 2: Creating a Sacred Space
Installment 3: Simplicity of Time
Installment 4: Simplicity of Activity

Putting Faith First

True vocation is revealed not by working, but rather by working at our
by Vance Wilson

Spiritual Direction

What you can expect from a spiritual guide
by Linda Douty

Experiencing Resurrection at Ground Zero:
St. Paul's Chapel Responds with Courage and Love

The Journey of Faith

An overview of the questions we ask and issues we face as we travel toward the heart of God.

Everyday Spirituality:

The daily practice of ancient religious traditions can help us experience the mystery of God
by Phyllis Tickle
Audio or Text

Soul Making
Journeying to the Desert with Grace Cathedral's Alan Jones
A Book Review by The Rev. Dr. Brooks Ramsey

What Does It Mean to Lead a Spiritual Life?
Responses of Leaders from Four Faith Traditions

A Christian Perspective
The Reverend Dr. Kenneth A. Corr
A Jewish Perspective
Rabbi Micah Greenstein
A Muslim Perspective
Dr. Nabil A. Bayakly
A Buddhist Perspective
Dr. Mark W. Muesse

The Nuts and Bolts of Jungian Psychology and Spirituality
by William Walker, D.Min.

Cultivating a Quiet Mind:
Questions and Answers About the Practice of Meditation

by Mark W. Muesse

Exploring the Thin Places
Paying attention to those moments in life that cannot be explained

by Ellen Klyce

Getting From Sunday to Monday:
Moving from belief to experience, from information to transformation
by Linda R. Douty
Installment 1: Beginning the Process
Installment 2: Barriers to Change
Installment 3: Opening Yourself to the Guidance of God
Installment 4: Am I on the Right Path?



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