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What difference does faith make in your life? Is it something that steps forward perhaps on Christmas and Easter, or when you are stirred by beauty or a kindness from someone that you hadn’t expected? Or do you feel its influence throughout your week, an internal magnet that pulls you forward as it guides you toward a more sacred way?

Though we all have something within us that seeks the divine, it is up to the individual to decide how to honor those yearnings. Our faith can hold us up as we approach a problem, it can color our perception of the world around us, it can help us determine how to spend the moments of each day. Because we are all unique, the manifestations of our faith are as diverse as each of our faces.

In the months to come, explorefaith will present conversations with a variety of people—writers, scholars, artists, musicians, teachers, professionals and students—as a way to create a kaleidoscope of faith. The people with whom we’ll talk are not necessarily known for their faith—they are not all involved in callings such as priest or pastoral counselor that the outside world associates with a religious vocation. Yet they all see themselves as people whose faith makes a significant impact on their lives—perhaps the most significant force of all. By talking to people about their faith, we hope to discern how it steers their decisions, relationships, work and play—what difference it makes in who they are. We will trace the outlines of faith surrounding these peoples’ lives and explore how they have filled in those outlines with the rich color of their being.



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