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Book Reviews by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat

The following reviews are from the web site Spirituality & Practice. They represent a mere sampling of the thousands of book and film commentaries and reviews written by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat over the last three decades. In addition to these free online resources, S pirituality & Practice also offers the for-purchase e-course Practicing Spirituality with Joan Chittister, as well as numerous other programs for spiritual growth and self-improvement delivered via email.

Welcome to the Wisdom of the World and Its Meaning for You
"Each great spiritual tradition, in its own way, suggests a model of what it means to be a holy person. Each of them shines a light on the human ideal."

The Gift of Years: Growing Old Gracefully
The author describes the last stage of life as "the capstone years, the time in which a whole new life is in the making again." She adds: "The gift of these years is not merely being alive — it is the gift of becoming more fully alive than ever."

Joan Chittister In My Own Words
In the introduction to this work, Mary Lou Kownacki uses the word "Seeker" to describe the essence of Joan Chittister's adventurous and passionate journey: "She probes the hard questions, forges new answers, and exposes the reasons behind the reasons people give for doing things that no longer work."