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noah's nightmare

by Brad Russell

Meditation Process

category 5 swirl
abstract colors, stats on a map
come shrieking and deluge
blunt force trauma battering a beautiful beach head
surging ocean, rain and tears wash into one
superdome ark
30,000 souls 2 x 2
rooftop pleas heavenward
whirling angels
funeral barges

who are the righteous?

affluent who flow and flee
any man doing what he can

who are the wicked?

poor with no place to go
oil company looters
posting record profits
politicos with no plan

rain falls on them all
we accept you don't stop these things
but please help us go forward
come together
get what can be gotten
raise one another up
resurrect the submerged good
swirl up category 5 compassion,
not priced-less pity
we will never stop believing you care


Copyright ©2005 Brad Russell