What proof is there that Christianity is not a myth created to assuage our fears about death?

Christianity doesn’t propose proof; instead it invites faith. Faith in what? Not in facts and data, but in truth—which is often to be found in myth.

Fear of Dying

Written by Renée Miller

From the moment that you come out of the womb alive, you begin the process of dying. Yet, when the reality of your death looms before you, you can feel frightened—frightened to leave the life here that you know and love, frightened about the time and way in which you will die, frightened about what it will be like at the moment of your death, frightened about who will or will not be with you, and frightened about what it will be like after you die.

Though you are not aware of this fear of death on a daily basis, it actually motivates many of your actions and decisions throughout life. Much of the fear comes not from something specific that you know about death, but from the fact that you don’t know! You can find yourself questioning whether or not God even exists, and in your best moments, when you are sure there is a God, there is still no certainty about what to expect during your last moments of human life.

People who have had near-death experiences and have been medically revived report that the experience was not at all scary. In fact, they felt incredible peace. Embraced by a soft light, they had no desire to return to their bodies and earthly lives. More importantly, they report they no longer have any fear of dying.

Part of the fear of death is grounded in the worry that when you die you will be separated from everything you know and love on earth. But, because there is no separation in God, you can trust that there will still be connections with what you have known here, and you will certainly never be separated from the One who loved you into being.

Tip to try:
Take a few minutes to share your fear of death with God. Imagine that you are sitting on a park bench. The day is fabulous, the air clear, the sun shining, the trees green and fragrant. Imagine that the Holy One comes and sits with you on the bench. Think about how you would greet your divine visitor and how you would be greeted. Sit for a few moments in silence with the Holy One. Then imagine God asking you, “What do you want me to do for you?” Pour out your heart’s fear about your death, then sit quietly and wait for a response from heaven. You may hear the Holy One’s voice, or get a fresh insight, or feel a calm peace. Thank God for the time you have spent together.


Copyright ©2007 Renée Miller