Some Reasoned Responses to the New Atheism

Some Reasoned Responses to the New Atheism

Their books have shown up on best-seller lists for months, with attention-grabbing titles like The God Delusion and How Religion Poisons Everything. As they see it, God and religion are not only useless, they are downright evil—the root cause of much of man's suffering and a tired-out world view that has been around for centuries. Daniel Dennett, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, these are the "new atheists" whose words and ideas have spawned numerous articles, fierce debates and ardent soul-searches.

Here explorefaith has gathered a few responses to the new atheism, in both text and audio, from people of both faith and science. They are among the many believers who are speaking out in books, in sermons and on the internet, claiming their faith and refusing to let the new atheism pigeon-hole God.

The following responses differ in their approach, their understandings and their conclusions. But despite the differences, they all reflect a common Truth: That God is beyond any human explanation, and that faith works in ways that we experience, but may never understand.

A Friendly Letter to Skeptics and Atheists
Author and social psychologist David G. Myers talks about his new book and his firm belief that faith and science can co-exist

What's So Great About Christianity
In his energetic and entertaining manner, best-selling author Dinesh D'Souza counters the new atheists' claims about God and religion and talks to his audience about what he believes

Do You Believe in God?
By Rabbi Niles Goldstein: "A kind of  'skeptical theism' is our best approach to the God Question in this new and unsettling century. ... Ambiguity, even in matters of faith, is okay."

It's About Grace
By Fixed Point Foundation Director Larry Taunton: "One charge, made by all of the New Atheists I have read so far, that is completely invalid has to do with their understanding of the Law, its purpose, and what orthodox Christians believe regarding it."

A Free Life in God
By the Rev. Eyleen Farmer:  These two men, one the unapologetic atheist puffing on his cigar, the other a lover of Christ who would later die a martyr’s death, actually agree on at least one thing, and that is their indictment of rule-bound religion.

The New Atheists' Mistake
Dr. John Haught, longtime Georgetown University professor and author of God and the New Atheism, explains why the new atheists have the wrong idea about faith.

Faith, Science and the Question Why?
Having worked in the field of addiction for 30 years, Dr. Richard Sandor finds that  it doesn't take  much to  turn scientific statements into theological ones, if you look closely at the meaning behind the words.