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The True Love of Christmas

Christmas gifts to give yourself that bring you closer to God

December 25—Christmas Day
Christmas Gift
Christmas Day is the day when love became incarnate. On a silent night in Bethlehem, heaven's glance turned yet again to earth. Always, God is surprising us with whispers of grace. We are graced with life, with hope, with possibility, with meaning, with love. But, on that crisp, dark night, the grace that was given was the gift of God in human flesh.  It was a gift that fulfilled everything that prophets and seers had predicted.  God gave God's very self to be with us and assure us that all the other graces were real and heaven-sent.

Today is a day, centuries later, to rejoice in the birth of Jesus—the form of flesh God took to be among us. Bask in the presence of God this day.  Feel the power of God's desire to be united to you. Drink in the love that motivated God to be sure you know that love. Then, for the the rest of these 12 days of Christmas, give yourself a spiritual gift each day that will lead you right back into the heart of God.

Let each of these gifts be a special gift to yourself and your own response a  gift to the God who loves you beyond words—loves you in the flesh. Just click on the gift with the current date!