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Being Like Jesus

Children's prayers to help us see with his eyes, feel with his heart

Christmas is Jesus’ birthday. But even more than a birthday, Christmas reminds us that God became a human being just like us, with eyes and ears, with a mouth and hands, with a heart and feet. God lived here on earth and used his body just as we do. He ate and drank, he loved and cared for people, he laughed and cried, he looked at beautiful things, and became sad when he saw others’ hurt and pain. God knows what it is like to feel like we do.

When we celebrate Jesus’ birth every year at Christmas, we remember that there is always someone who understands what we’re going through. Jesus knows. Jesus listens to us. Jesus cares for us. Jesus loves us. And, that’s a birthday present that Jesus gives us! The prayers below are a present that you can give to Jesus this year!

Being like Jesus: handhand