Barbara Cawthorne Crafton

Barbara Cawthorne Crafton

The Rev. Barbara Crafton, an Episcopal priest and author of numerous books, heads the Geranium Farm, an institute promoting spiritual formation. She was rector of St. Clement's Church in Manhattan's Theatre district; an actress, director and producer, she has worked for many years in combining the lively arts and the life of faith.

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The Geranium Farm Cookbook
Some Things You Just Have to Live With: Musings on Middle Age

Finding Time for Serenity: Every Woman's Book of Days

Articles by this Author

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If Jesus and God are the essence of love, why does the Bible threaten us with hell and damnation?

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If churches really followed the teachings of Scripture, wouldn't they be more alike in their doctrines, with fewer disagreements between, and within, them?

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