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Meditate with Music

Meditate with Music :

This process of meditation can be seen as an exercise for 'stepping into Divine Love,' because it is similar to an experience of centering or contemplative prayer. Rather than using a mantra or sacred word to return your thoughts to God's presence when they take you elsewhere, you will be using the notes as touchstones to woo you back to the arms of Love.

1. As the music begins to play, become aware of the tension in your body and any stress that you are carrying. Imagine the tension and stress slowly flowing out of your body.

2. Become aware of your breath by breathing deeply a few times. Observe your breath becoming more natural, more quiet, more even.

3. Be aware of being surrounded by the light of Divine Love and rest quietly there.

4. As a thought begins to enter your mind, bring your attention to the notes being played, and allow the thought to flow out of your body just as you did with the tension and stress. Continue this process throughout the time the music is playing.

5. After the music has stopped, sit in silence for a minute and thank God for the time that you have spent together.

Listen to Contemplative Music

"Ave Maria" <mp3> by Ruth Cunningham, from the audio CD HARC: Inside Chants, © 2005 Ana Hernandez and Ruth Cunningham. The CD can be purchased at cdbaby.com. To learn more about Ruth Cunningham, visit her website.

"Sleep, Holy Child" - Words by Ruth Duck. (View text.) Music by Thomas Pavlechko for John Ayer and the Memphis Chamber Orchestra. Text ©G.I.A. Publications. Music ©2003 Selah Publishing. Performed by Memphis Boychoir and Chamber Choir, John Ayer, musical director. From the Pro Organo CD 7169 - OUR DANCING DAY. All rights reserved. Used with permission of Selah Publishing and Zarex Corp.

"Dios Itlazo Nantzine" (Beloved Mother of God) - by Don Hernando FRANCO. From the CD El Milagro De Guadalupe by Savae (San Antonio Vocal Arts Ensemble). ©1999 Iago/Talking Taco Music. Music used with permission of Savae. For more information please email: talktaco@express-news.net ,
or fax: 210-492-1316.

"Lei's Song" -by Michael Jefry Stevens. From the CD The Healing by the Fonda/Stevens
Group on Leo Records. ©2000 Michael Jefry
Stevens. Michael Jefry Stevens on piano, Joe
Fonda on bass, Harvey Sorgen on drums and Herb Robertson on trumpet. Music used with permission of Michael Jefry Stevens. For more information please contact Michael Jefry Stevens at mjsjazz@bellsouth.net. Explorefaith.org receives no proceeds from the sales of The Healing.

"Be Thou My Vision" - arranged by John Purifoy.From the CD Sacred Impressions by flutist Jeanne Simmons and harpist Mary Abbay Gourley. ©2003 Holy Communion Episcopal Church. Music used with permission of Holy Communion Episcopal Church. For ordering information go to: http://www.holycommunion.org/OurMusicCDSales.htm
Explorefaith.org receives no proceeds from the sales of Sacred Impressions.

"Be Here Now"
by Gary Remal Malkin
"The Welcoming" by Gary Remal Malkin
Music is from Graceful Passages- A Companion for
Living & Dying,
and is used with permission from Companion Arts.
© 2000 Companion Arts. Purchase Graceful Passages This link is provided as a service to explorefaith.org visitors and registered users.

"Let Nothing Ever Grieve Thee" by Johannes Brahms. Music used with permission of C.F. Peters Corp. Music from Known & Unknown, Things Done & Left Undone, by Calvary Choir, ©2002 Calvary Episcopal Church. For ordering information, contact the Calvary Music Office at 901-525-6602,
x120 or email them at: music@calvaryjc.org.
Explorefaith.org receives no proceeds from the sales of Known & Unknown.

"La Partita" - Traditional arrangement
by Daniel Foster Johnston & Jeanne Simmons
Daniel Johnston-classical guitar
& Jeanne Simmons-keyless wooden flute. Music used with permission of Daniel Foster Johnston. ©2003 Daniel Foster Johnston.

"Wincie" - from the "Grandfather
Mountain Suite"
by Daniel Foster Johnston

Daniel Johnston-classical guitar
Music used with permission of Daniel Foster Johnston. ©2003 Daniel Foster Johnston.


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