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OASIS is a creative, surprising and innovative opportunity to remove obstacles that keep us
from knowing, experiencing and feeling closer to God. The Oasis offerings can help reawaken
us to the sacred rhythm of life that God has given us and encourage us to discover all of life as a playground for holiness.

Meditate with...


Art and Soul
"Meditation" paintingThe voice of God is often "heard"
through image rather than sound.

Meditate with Art.

passage to a doorway
Passages are openings that lead to other places, other possibilities.

Spoken Meditation
candlePoetry takes us into that place of deep feeling that leads to prayer.

Meditate with poetry

Spirit Songs
Through the language of tonal sound, we may touch heaven.

Meditate with music.


Spiritual Reading
Boy Reading Learning to Meditate with Books

Meditate with reading.


Spirituality of Placefalling star over desert
Landscapes can reveal to us the
topography of our soul.

Meditate in a setting.


Writing From Within
journal, pen, & eyeglassesUsing a journal to
examine your soul.

Meditate with writing.


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