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A Time of Miracles-Reflections on the Seasons of Advent & Christmas


In Silence

Waiting in silence, creating space for steadfast love to grown within, may be the most essential practice of all. It is in many ways the spirit of Advent, that time of the Christian liturgical year when we practice the waiting of gestation and hoping, of trusting in new life not yet fully known...

With Awareness
What would it be like if we were to change our attitude for a year and experiment with a tradition of waiting and preparation? It might be that we would find the party at the end much more glorious...

With Expectation
The Advent faith always moves us to the future instead of locking us into the past. Therefore, we can expect surprises...

Day by Day
An Advent calendar featuring a thought a day for the 22 days of Advent.


The Christmas Story
And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. This one line is the entire Christmas story. The entire message of the birth of Christ. The Word, God's fullness, the second Person of the Trinity, sent by God as a message, the message of love and goodness and God's real presence in the world, sent to dwell in flesh, sent to be human, to live among us and speak our language so that we might receive Him and understand what God wants us to hear from God. ...

Being Like Jesus
Christmas is Jesus’ birthday. But even more than a birthday, Christmas reminds us that God became a human being just like us, with eyes and ears, with a mouth and hands, with a heart and feet. These simple children's prayers are a gift we can give to Jesus any time.

The Celtic Understanding of Christmas
We are in a season of contradictions. Lights glitter from every structure; meanwhile, the days lengthen, and darkness begins to come earlier, stay later. A little shiver runs through our pre-electric-light, primordial selves. The ancient human family viewed this time of year with trepidation...

Hints from Yesterday: A Christmas memory
My grandfather Houk was an undertaker. He lived in an Illinois farm town some forty miles south of Kankakee and ninety miles south of Chicago. The year my mother Pearl was born six hundred and fifty people lived in Piper City...

Messages in the Music of U2
U2’s song seems to capture the place that we are in right now. Standing in a hotel lobby yesterday, I saw Christmas decorations and heard Christmas carols playing: “Silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is bright”; and part of me wanted to shout No! No! Nothing is calm, nothing is bright!

Making Our Way toward Christmas Eve: Unexpected perspectives on the Holy Night
The village streets were narrow, the houses close, in the shadows, they looked hunched up as if braced for the cold. The two angels trudged on, their boots crunching the snow....

Spoken Meditations:
God is With Us

Visited by Awe



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