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Visited by Awe

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Visited by Awe

Our sleep, by wonder’s joy, is cracked.
We wake from apathy.
Our souls surprised find what they lacked
One moment sets us free.

With shortened breath and deepened sigh
Time stands as still as stone.
In silence past and future lie
This moment stands alone.

To will it does not make it so,
We cannot force, form awe.
It falls from heav’n to us below
Unbidden, without flaw.

Yet when it falls, it is not missed
We halt mid-step, mid-air.
Our weary hearts by awe are kissed
Life beats in accents fair.

When years unheeded, seem to turn
As spinning spokes on wheels,
In bated hope await and yearn,
Awe comes, the soul will heal.

Renée Miller 3/19/03
Copyright ©2003 Renée Miller

Text written and read by Renée Miller.
Music, "My Life Creator," composed and performed by Thomas Pavlechko.
Text Copyright ©2003 Renée Miller. Music Copyright ©2003 Selah Publishing.

Used courtesy of Selah Publishing.

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