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What if I strongly disagree with the views of someone else who professes to be a Christian?

How are we to respond to acts of terrorism and the hatred expressed by self-proclaimed "enemies" of Christianity?

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Thoughts on Community, Compassion and Comfort

The wisdom of St. Patrick, Ram Dass and more

A World of Prayers


Whose Side Are You On?
by Rabbi Micah Greenstein

The reality of a Big God means that we are all minorities in God's eyes.... In order for dialogue among different faiths to ever happen, we must all be willing to concede that none of us alone can ever know as much as all of us together. We must move the emphasis from claiming that God is on our side to worrying more about being on God's side of compassion, grace, justice, acceptance, and love. Read more

Practicing Reconciliation in a Violent World
by Michael Battle

Why reconciliation? The answer is simple: Because it makes us God's children—related to God. We are related to God when we learn to live in higher realities than violence and death. When Jesus said, “Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect” (Matthew 5:48), it means that our humanity lies in the perfection of children who are discovering their identities through relationships.
Read an excerpt from the book Practicing Reconciliation

The Way to Peace: A short interview with Michael Battle
Is it really possible for us to live in peace? The possibility lies within perception, and perception is learned. So, in short, we must learn to see peace as a necessary reality.... Read more

Humanizing Politics
My First Republicans: Learning a Lesson in Civil Discourse
by Nora Gallagher

We behave these days, because the campaigns and the pundits are so negative and mean, that disagreement in and of itself is a bad thing. But it's not. Talking to someone who is not me is interesting, compelling and awakening. A person who is different from oneself enlarges, not only the mind, but the whole world. Read more

A Different Point of View: Looking at the Other Side

by Sally Thomason

To express our opinions, to stand up for what we believe, to act upon what we feel is a fundamental right and in a large sense a necessary part of being fully human. What a person thinks and feels matters. But more important than freedom of expression is the realization that our view is always limited. As hard as we try we can never achieve a monopoly on Truth. The Truth beyond our understanding is that we share the same Creator with that fellow with whom we might passionately disagree.

On Strife and Unity
A few words can move us toward a more compassionate world. Read more

for peace, for community, for patience and foresight, and more

Suggestions for Creating Unity
Questions to Ponder
Working Through Conflict on the Pages of Your Journal



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