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Think of the questions below as the first marks on a canvas. Like many quizzes pertaining to faith, this one traces the edges of your spiritual life and how you relate to the sacred. Yet this quiz also reminds us that we are all works in progress, that portraits begun in black and white come alive when we add color. We need space to change and grow, and ways to help us fill out our lives and move ever closer to the Holy.

Thus, your responses are not simply conclusions, they are beginning points for new discoveries, brilliant adventures and fruitful growth. In answering these 10 questions, you can both discern more clearly who you are, and discover new avenues for God's creative spirit to work within you.

I try to feel close to God through
Feeling God's presence in relationship s
Accepting God on faith
Looking for answers to my questions
Being attentive to the signs around me in nature
Going about my normal activities

When I have an extraordinary experience of God's presence, I
Hold it quietly in my heart
Share it with someone close to me
Am filled with a keen sense of awe
Want to try to understand it before sharing it
Am humbled by my own frailty but confirmed in my trust in God
See it as a revelation of the divine that affirms my path and will nurture my spirit in the future

When I am questioned about my faith, I
Feel no need to defend myself
Show its truth by the way I live my life among others
Speak readily what I feel in my heart
Give a clear and logical explanation
Rely on others to help me articulate my faith
Don't really know how to share something so personal

If someone threatened to harm me unless I renounced my faith, I would
Be silent and trust in Godís care
Take refuge in the company of others
Pray first and if that didnít work, go after the ones trying to harm me
Try to persuade others through my understanding of faith
Speak out no matter what the consequences
Wonder if there were a new way to look at faith

If I felt that God was calling me to perform an extraordinary feat, I would
Express my deep gratitude for being asked
Do it humbly and quietly
Agree at first, and later worry about out how to do it
Trust in Godís power as Iíve experienced it in the past
Rely on my faith to accomplish it
Want proof that it was really God asking

When I feel disconnected to the Holy One and wonder about Godís presence, I
Look for Godís love in unexpected places
Ask others to pray for me
Keep my eyes and ears open for another sign from God
Remember the way God was present to me in the past
Keep trusting anyway
Wonder if Iíve been wrong all along

When others around me are trying to find God, I
Tell them about Godís love for them
Try to be a companion to them in their search
Recount to them the wonders and power of God
Teach them the basic elements of faith
Share my own excitement about my faith to lead them toward the truth
Share my own questions and struggles of faith

If I were going through a period of doubt in my life, I would
Go on a retreat
Go on a pilgrimage
Hide out for awhile
Attend a class about faith
Remain steadfast in prayer
Try to remember that doubt can lead to surprising insights

If a story were written about my spiritual life, Iíd want it to say that I
Lived my faith by loving others
Was unwavering in holy enthusiasm and verve in my community
Took risks for the sake of God
Stood up for what I believed
Overcame personal inadequacies to follow Godís mission for me
Embraced new truth when it was revealed to me

When I think of being a person of faith in my everyday life, I want to
Love so much that words arenít really necessary
Show my faith by my actions toward others
Be bold and courageous
Share the truth as I understand it
Help others come to trust God as I do
Remain open to new possibilities of experiencing God


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