September 9, 2009

This week we turn to God with a prayer for Dealing with Anger.

We hope this prayer and related readings will enliven your spirit and enrich your unfolding journey of faith.

May God's peace be with you~

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  • Help Us Help You

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    How Do I Let Go by Linda Douty

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    Prayer for Dealing with Anger

    Gracious God,

    Sometimes my heart feels hot, my nerves feel edgy, my mind feels like lit dynamite. And sometimes, I just turn silent, go inward, cut myself off from anything and anyone that could ease the throbbing inside.

    Help me let go, not only of the anger, but of what made me angry in the first place. Let me breathe deep the wonder and peace of love. Amen.

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    Pentecost Calendar

    If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are a lot better off than humans.

    —James Herriott

    from Practicing Holiness on Ordinary Days:
    A quote-a-day calendar
    for the season of Pentecost-

    Consumed by Anger

    I certainly do not want to suggest that we should never be angry, or that we should dismiss or condone actions that victimize us. I'm saying that we can easily become so attached to what has been done to us that we are completely unaware of what we are doing to ourselves.

    When we hold on to the deed that has been perpetrated against us or when we refuse to let go of our anger, we cannot heal.

    Read and respond to
    Spiritual Coach Renée Miller's
    reflections on anger

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