September 23, 2009

Dear Dorothy,

This week we turn to God with a prayer for Restoration from Fatigue.

We hope this prayer and related readings will enliven your spirit and enrich your unfolding journey of faith.

May God's peace be with you~

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Prayer for Restoration from Fatigue

Person struggling

Gracious God,

At times my life seems to be too much. Too full. Too demanding. Too consuming. Everything feels necessary, even important, but weariness creeps across my body and soul…

Help me sort the truly important from what only seems important. Give me courage to say no to what drains rather than feeds me. Help me find brief moments to sit in perfect stillness while you massage my soul.

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Pentecost Calendar

When we put up barriers in our lives that keep us from experiencing sacrifice, we deny ourselves not only the pathos that wrenches and rends us into wholeness, but also the possibility of becoming ourselves a sacred place where others are nourished and healed.

—Renée Miller

from Practicing Holiness on Ordinary Days: 
A quote-a-day calendar
for the season of Pentecost-

A New Way

One of our great sources of pain and fear is this: Most of the important things about which we must decide in life are things about which we know next to nothing.

We are not impelled into new actions solely by the force of logic and experience. We are, finally, impelled into them by faith. While we may not know the outcome of a course upon which we embark, we know this:

  • God accompanies us.
  • God does not leave us to figure it out alone.
  • God is prepared to bless and guide the courses we choose,
  • God longs to pour peace and serenity over our anxious souls when we must choose.

from Don't Know, Must Choose by
Barbara Cawthorne Crafton

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