August 12, 2009

This week we explore the question:

What if God doesn't answer my prayers?

May these reflections enliven your journey and lead you to God's peace~

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    Summer Reading

    Prayer of the HeArt by 
Kelly Conkling

    By inviting God to be the director, writer, and artist of their hearts, readers engage in a new concept called "heart spirituality." Readers learn to use art as a way to open up a deep conversation with God.

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    What if God doesn't answer my prayers?

    I believe that God's grace precedes our prayers, that in a sense, God's answer is offered before we even ask.

    And yet, our asking is still important, because that is the way we discover God's presence and God's desires for us, the way we become receptive to God's presence, the way we become open to God's guidance, malleable in the hands of God as clay is malleable in the hands of the potter.
    —The Rev. Margaret B. Gunness

    …God's willingness to listen to my inmost secrets never ceases. That in itself is the only answer God has ever promised to us. But as we learn to revel in its extravagant spareness, it becomes enough. —David

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    Pentecost Calendar

    There are no limits to what the Creator can do with those creatures who are ready to stop, be still and silent, to empty themselves, to cease their hurry.

    —Donald Nicholl

    from Practicing Holiness on Ordinary Days:
    A quote-a-day calendar
    for the season of Pentecost-

    Prayer for Coping with Doubt

    Gracious God,
    I feel so uncertain, so unsure. I want to trust that you are real and present, that you are acting on my behalf, that you hear and will answer my prayers. Yet my confidence is spent, my faith flat.

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