Sometimes they are mystics who have heard the voice of God calling their name and respond by tunneling into their own soul,  treading the roads of heaven while inhabiting earth.  Or they are activists who have embraced the truth that we are all one in God and have fearlessly championed diversity in order to be a part of God's reconciling love in the world. 

Mother Teresa of Calcutta once said that holiness is not the station for a few but the simple duty of us all.  Holiness is not moral perfection but openness to spiritual illumination.  When we explore the lives of the people who have embraced holiness, we find that even though our circumstances may be different, there is still the possibility of deepening our own soul by joining  in their practices. 

Here you'll find an opportunity to engage in this exploration of spiritual guides and to apply some of their practices in your own life.  We'll focus on our contemporaries, people who have walked the earth in our own times and whose footsteps lead us to holy places. Though they look out on the same vistas as the rest of us, these modern-day saints see life more clearly. Through looking deeply at their practices and learning from their teachings, we too can polish our inner lens and open our souls to life that is eternity.