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New Beginnings

There’s an excited energy that flows through us when we’re about to embark on a new adventure in life. Whether we’re moving into a new house, starting a new job, returning to school, trading in the single life for marriage, or buying a new wardrobe, we’re filled with hope and anticipation at what lies ahead. We’re eager to step away from what was in order to claim what will be.

But when we move too quickly to a new beginning we can find our souls feel uneven and choppy. It’s as if we’re trying to be in two places at once—we’re animated about what is new, but we’re not fully over what is old. In order for a new beginning to be all that it can be, we need to take the time that is necessary to complete our endings.

In so many sacred stories where people are changing, there is a period of waiting—a space that spans the old and the new. A space that makes it possible to fully let go of the past in order to be single-mindedly ready for the future.

Consider the Israelites, for example, who wandered in a wasteland for forty years before beginning their new life in the Promised Land. Or Jesus, who spent 40 days in the wilderness before taking up his ministry. These periods of waiting can seem annoying or even onerous and difficult, but they are actually a gift that will help prepare us to move into a new beginning with fullness and joy.

Tip to try: When a new opportunity beckons you and your soul is filled with urgency and excitement, take time to mentally appreciate your current situation by making a list of the graces and blessings you are experiencing now. Then take some time to give thanks for what this time and space in life has done for you.

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