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Deepening Spiritual Bonds in Marriage

When two people wed, they become, in the eyes of God, one flesh. Even though spiritual bonds may not have been established before marriage, there are still opportunities for couples to explore what it means to have their souls be in union with each other and God. This exploration can be developed by sitting together for a few minutes each day to do a short spiritual practice.

You might read a Bible verse or some other piece of spiritual writing together, then sit quietly and bring your awareness to the presence of God surrounding the two of you. Sit still in that presence and let a word or phrase from the Bible move very gently through your mind. After a few minutes of this meditation, notice the calmness in your spirit and ask God to help you stay in that divine presence when you return to your regular activities. End your practice time by saying the Lord’s Prayer together, or some other prayer that feels good to you both.

To Try: Try the above exercise for the next week and share with your spouse how you are changing as a result.

Scripture for Reflection: “Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil.” Ecclesiastes 4:9

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